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General Dispute (Application for Internal Review)

If you are responsible for the ticket but would like to dispute it for some reason, you may lodge an application for an internal review of the infringement.

If you would like to lodge an application for internal review please complete this form

You can submit your application and any supporting documents to us by post:

Glen Eira Parking Services
GPO Box 1941

- OR -

Please email your completed application form and supporting documents to

If you would like to lodge your dispute online, click here to fill in the online form.

Internal Review Checklist
Please ensure your application for internal review contains the following information before sending it to us:

  • your name and current mailing address,
  • your infringement number, and
  • the grounds on which you believe the decision should be reviewed.
Internal Review Process
Once an application for internal review(appeal) is received by Council, the infringement is placed on hold and will not incur any further costs until after the applicant is advised of the outcome of the review. Even if the due date on the original infringement notice passes, the infringement will not escalate as it is under review.

Under the Infringements Act, Council must make a decision in relation to the internal review within 90 days. However, you should receive a response in approximately 30 days. Upon final review of the application, the applicant will be notified of the decision in writing.